Our Starting Structure

The circles to the right are how our work is organized, today.

We organize our work using roles. Roles have a few parts: a purpose, a set of accountabilities and possibly, a domain. Together these parts make up the whole of a role, and roles together make up the whole of an organization. As you can see our organization is simple -- that is because we’re small. As we grow, the work will become more complex and so will organizing the work.

Roles are built and altered using a participatory process. For example, as we run experiments and learn how to steer this organization, we alter the roles to reflect the learnings. We use a meeting process to organize the work because altering how the work is organized requires input and if there are no agreed upon processes decision making can easily become authoritarian.

Interested in filling a role or proposing a new one? Click around to see open roles (highlighted in blue) and consider pitching in!